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Cinemaclique hosting "Table Read Night"

Cinemaclique is a Southern Illinois based club for filmmakers, actors, artists, and movie lovers. The club is an official partner of the Liberty Theater. They hold free, public meetings and events at the Liberty each month.

This month's event is "Table Read Night" - Sunday, July 30th at 6:30p. Club members will take turns reading parts from three short film scripts from local writer/directors. Come hang out, perform live, and meet other actors and filmmakers!

The Audition

- written by Andy Farmer -

Kristen, an aspiring actress struggling with her lack of talent, finds herself subjected to relentless disrespect from the entire production team as her chances of landing the role of Jenny in a local theater's adaptation of 'Forest Gump' diminish. Amid mounting frustration, Kristen's emotions reach a breaking point.

Big Buddy Monsters

- written by James B. Allen - 

A young couple finds themselves at odds when, Garvey, a stoner man-child stuck in arrested development, feels threatened by Sarah's new bestie, the Big Muddy Monster. Is Garvey's jealousy unwarranted or is Sarah driven into the arms of another Monster by his childish ways?

All That Remains

- written by Matt Garrison - 

A grieving woman is driven to extreme measures at her husband's wake when her bumpkin in-laws continually overstep their bounds and blame her for her late husband's death. The memorial erupts into punk rock and cremated remains when she is finally pushed to her limits.

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